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Digital display indicates actual cooking and food temperature

Super accurate temperature probe to measure pit temp and food temp

150 °F to 400 °F control range

Cook times well beyond 12 hours at 225 °F without adding additional charcoal

Programmable - automatically change cooking temp based on food temp and/or time!

Programmable "Food Done" alarm

Programmable "Pit Set" alarm sounds when cooking temperature deviates by more than setting

"Blower Snake" rotates in leftmost digit when blower is actually spinning, showing true feedback - count rotations to determine when fuel level is getting low

"Food Pit Set" - Automatically change cooking temperature target when meat temperature exceeds programmed temperature

"Delay Pit Set" - Automatically change cooking temperature target when a time delay has expired (range: 00:15 - 24:00)  - Delay value stored in non-volatile memory so those pesky power glitches at contests don't affect function

"Sound" - Volume of alarm can be reduced or completely turned off

Similar only in appearance to the IQ110, the input device (knob) is actually a digital encoder with built in push-button switch.  While in the "Normal Mode", the user presses the knob to choose between displaying - PIT TEMP - FOOD TEMP - SCAN.  SCAN alternates between the two.  LEDs indicate what is being displayed.  Similar to the 110, while in "Normal Mode", the encoder is simply rotated to change the PIT SET target temperature (knob click required to lock in to prevent inadvertent changes).

"Program Mode" is entered from "Normal Mode" by pressing and holding the knob for three seconds (3s click).  In this mode the user is presented with scrolling parameter names (e.g., PIT SET, FOOD ALARM, etc.).  No need to remember parameter numbers - just read their names!  Rotate the encoder to move up or down the list.  Click the encoder to enter "Edit Mode".  Rotate to new value.  Click to save in non-volatile memory.  No more trying to remember which buttons to press.  Simple.

As if wasn't already easy enough to use, there's a 3" x 5" cheat sheet on the back.  Remember how Alton Brown removed and tossed the manual when he unboxed the IQ110 on the "Right On Q" Good Eats special?  You won't need it for this one either - ALTHOUGH YOU MUST READ IT FOR THE SAFETY INFORMATION!!!



Get the complete IQ package (IQ110, power supply, pit adapter, and temperature probe) for only

 $139.95 ! 

Purchase from the Products link above.

As seen on Good Eats "Right on Q".

Alton Brown said, "It's so cool!"

For your Big Green Egg, Primo Kamado, Weber Kettle, Weber Smokey Mountain, CharBroil Offset, Stumps Smoker, Superior Smoker, Ugly Drum Smoker, Big Steel Keg, Rebel Smoker and many, many more!


iQue 110 on the Weber Kettle

pitmasterIQ on the Weber Smokey Mountain WSM22


NEWS:  The IQ110 was reviewed by the Hot Grill on Grill Action competition barbecue team. These guys were on TLC's BBQ Pitmasters show and all three judges, including Myron Mixon, loved their pork butt! They know what they're doing! Here's the review: 


Hot Grill on Grill Action has captured all of their secrets and techniques in a book designed to jumpstart the beginning BBQ competitor, as well as to improve the scores of seasoned teams. YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS! This book is unprecedented. Take it from me. I've read Mike Mills', Myron Mixon's, and Chris Lilly's books, and nobody lays it down like Hot Grill on Grill Action. This is a how-to guide to win KCBS competitions. From selecting meats, trimming, injecting, rubbing, saucing, cooking temps, times, building boxes, to Flabongos and EVERYTHING in between!

 Competition BBQ How-to Book

pitmasterIQ.com is here to provide you with tools and information to help make you a BBQ genius! 

Our flagship product is the IQ110 Automatic Temperature Controller.  It features a set-it-and-forget-it design to give your charcoal cooker kitchen-oven-like temperature control and stability.  In fact, it will give your pit far better temperature control than the vast majority of kitchen ovens!  Imagine how easy that makes it to cook smokey, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth ribs, brisket, tenderloin, even burgers!  Just dial in the temperature, wait the amount of time specified in the recipe, and just like that your family and friends think you're a BBQ genius! 

Here's proof the IQ110 can make you an expert barbecue chef!  We took first place in pork ribs at the 1st Annual Smoke 'n Vines BBQ Competition using a 22" Weber Smokey Mountain controlled by an IQ110!  We cooked these 6 hours at 225°F - low 'n slow gettin' it done!

 Winning pork ribs  the trophy

We have designed, and are producing in Missouri, a new product called the IQ110  that will enable you to slow cook food on a charcoal grill or smoker like an expert BBQ chef!  In fact, many professional BBQ chefs attribute their success to pits like Old Hickory Pits, which precisely control cooking temperatures for long periods of time.  Stable temperature is the secret ingredient in perfect barbecuing!

Check out this video to see why automatic temperature control is so important and the most important ingredient in moist and tender, melt in your mouth BBQ! 

The IQ110  installs on your Weber Kettle, Smokey Mountain, Big Green Egg and more in only a couple of minutes without tools!  Build a fire as instructed on the website, set the dial to the desired cooking temperature, and walk away for as long as 12 hours.

Imagine! You just put the meat on the pit.  It’s noon.  Your spouse asks when the meat will be ready.  You can’t answer that question today because you don’t know how the changing temperature, winds, and fuel quantity will affect the cooking time.  But with the IQ110  controlled pit, you tell them exactly when it will be done because YOU KNOW WHEN IT WILL BE DONE! 

The IQ110  will compensate for changes in outside temperature, winds, and expiring fuel automatically using computer controlled precision!   

Check out this video for a demonstration of the IQ110 and its features!


Announcing the World’s simplest and lowest cost automatic temperature controller for barbecue cooking!  Simpler and lower cost than the competitors!  Who wants to try to remember what parameters and how to set them when they’re trying to get their Que’n on?  Turn your Big Green Egg, Weber Kettle, Weber Smokey Mountain, Primo Kamado, or any charcoal pit into an automatic smoker or cooker!   Made in U.S.A. !


All digital control based on intelligent computer chip!

Precise temperature control with a single setting, 175°F to 375 °F and anywhere in between.  Keeps cooking temperature within 5°F of set point!

LED feedback keeps you informed about the temperature inside the smoker!

5 CFM to 15 CFM Variable Speed Blower automatically adjusts air flow to cooker’s air demand!  No more trying to figure out what blower size to use!

Super accurate platinum RTD temperature sensor good to 0.2% with 54" long temperature cable!

Repeatable. Imagine telling the "better half" that the meat will be done in 4 hours. And then it is!

Simpler, easier to use, and much lower cost than the BBQ Guru and Stoker!

Set it and forget it!

Installs on Big Green Egg, Weber Kettle,  Weber Smokey Mountain, and most other pits without tools in under 1 minute!

Everything included!

No cooker modifications necessary!

Designed and manufactured in USA by Digital Power & Motion, designers and manufacturer of industrial controls! 

See the IQ installed on a Weber Kettle, Weber Smokey Mountain, Big Green Egg, Primo Kamado, and Superior Smoker on the Gallery page

Go see all of our products at our store by clicking here.



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